About our Firm

In 2000, Richard H. Lawson and R. Lamar Kilgore started the law firm of Kilgore Lawson.  Mr. Kilgore retired from active practice in 2006.  After Mr. Kilgore's retirement, Mr. Lawson began to focus his practice on the division of retirement assets in divorce.  It was his misguided hope that by narrowly focusing on this limited area of the law, he would be able to slowly wind up his practice and one day, like Mr. Kilgore, retire.  Unfortunately for Mr. Lawson's retirement aspirations, he developed a reputation as an expert in the division of retirement assets and the demand for his services only increased.

Matthew Morley joined the practice in 2010 to help with the increased caseload and became a named partner in 2013.  Alissa McGrory was hired in 2011.  Currently, Mr. Morley and Ms. McGrory carry the majority of new cases in the hope that Mr. Lawson will someday soon be able to retire.  It is their intent to carry on the Kilgore Lawson legacy of exceptional and cost-effective legal services.