QDRO Administration

Many small and mid-sized businesses do not have the expertise or time to deal with the review and administration of QDROs against their retirement plans.  In fact, many do not even know that every ERISA qualified plan is required by federal law to have written QDRO procedures.  

We can help.  Our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the substantive and procedural requirements of QDRO administration and can help set up those federally-mandated QDRO procedures for your company's retirement plan(s).

Further, in the event that your plan is faced with a QDRO, we can review and, in conjunction with your plan's recordkeeper, administer the QDRO in accordance with federal law and your plan documents.  If you would prefer to handle this "in house," we can also provide your staff with training on how to comply with these rules and serve on an as needed basis should any questions arise.

For more information on our QDRO Administration services, contact Matthew Morley at (610) 650-0439 x 2 or morley@klmattorneys.com.