QDRO Preparation

We strive to provide an exceptional value to our clients, which is why we operate on a limited flat fee basis for the majority of our QDRO retentions.  For preparing a Qualified Domestic Relations Order ("QDRO"), that fee is currently $600.00 per QDRO and we limit our attorney time on each QDRO to three hours. We are proud that we are able to keep our fees at $600.00 per QDRO in over 96% of our limited flat fee retentions.

We can be retained in an individual capacity or in a joint capacity.  If we are retained in an individual capacity, the litigant retaining us is our client and we will represent their interests.  If we are retained in a joint capacity, we work as as a third-party neutral, similar to an arbitrator or mediator.  

Please note that not all matters are appropriate for a joint representation.  If we are retained in a joint capacity, we highly suggest that you retain individual counsel throughout our representation to advocate for your rights.  The decision of how to retain our firm can have legal consequences and you should discuss this decision with your individual counsel.

To retain us for our limited flat fee QDRO Preparation service, download, complete, and return one of the below packets to intake@klmattorneys.com or 213-215 W. Miner Street, Second Floor, West Chester, PA  19382. 

  Joint Engagement Intake Packet (click to download)

   Individual Engagement Intake Packet (click to download)

Once your a client, if you want us to discuss your matter with someone other than you and your attorney, please complete an Authorization and Agreement for Release of Information (click to download) and return to us.

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